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Dos Palos Forum

February 10, 2005

Dos Palos Internet has sponsored a forum just for Dos Palos. If you have an opinion, this is where you want to be. This is an open forum and is free to anyone. Please take a look and don't be afraid to make a post or two.

Web Hosting

As of February 10, 2005 Dos Palos Internet Service will be involved in Web Hosting. If you are interested in having your site hosted on our servers call Jim at 209-392-6382.

Web Mail Now Running

March 19, 2004

Web Mail is now up and running . We will be adding some new spam blockers real soon to help out too. I would also like to inform our users that there are a lot of viruses out right now and you need to make sure that you are running an updated anti virus program. The latest viruses actually look like they are coming from us at dospalos.org but they are not. We will not send out an email with any attachment on it at all!!!

New Web Mail

March 12, 2004

We will be hosting web mail for our users very soon. This will allow you to access your email from any computer that has Internet access. We now have the Water Tower fully functional and are adding new customers as fast as we can. We will be implementing new features for our users such as personal web space up to 50 meg. If there are any services that you would like added send me an E-mail stating those services and we will see what can be done. support@dospalos.org

Big Things For Our Wireless System:

October 2, 2003

We will be adding some new towers to our wireless system to help improve and broaden our service. In the next few weeks we will be adding several sites onto the city water tower. This will help us to reach more customers and should relieve some congestion from the other sites. We hope to be able to put even more sites up in the near future to get to some of the really hard to reach areas. If you are interested in the wireless system please call the office for more information. 209-392-1962


Nationwide Access Numbers coming on June 1, 2003!
May 28, 2003
In order to provide our customers with better service and local numbers in many areas throughout the US, we are in the process of changing providers for our dial-up service. Which means we are going to have to change our local dial-up phone number to (209)435-0673, and the way our username in setup (for dial up only, email settings will not be affected) by adding @dospalos.org to the end of your username.

You can click on the "Access Numbers" link on the left to search for phone numbers for any area of the US, these will be available to you to use after June 1, 2003. Whether you are going to be visiting there, or just looking out of curiousity.

In order to make these changes as easy for you as possible, we will have several ways available to make this change.

1. Directions have been mailed out to all of our customers along with notification of this change. Since there are many different ways to make this change, we have given directions for the most common setups, but this will not apply to all.. These directions will also be available in our office and on our web site, for which there will be a link here after the first..

2. There will be software that will be available at this web site, and in our office, by June 1.

3. If you are not comfortable with either of these methods, or are having problems with it, please don't hesitate to call our office, and one of our staff will help to walk you through the change.

Keep in mind, we will be doing away with the old dial up phone number around June 10 so be sure to make this change as soon as possible.

Please check here often, as we will be revising this web site over the next few days!